Sermon for April 19 2020

Dogwood bloom

Another week of stay at home, I hope everyone is safe from any harm. Follow along as we look at a video from One Voice Children’s Choir of the Mercy Me song “I Can Only Imagine” before the sermon for this week.

For this week’s message from Pastor Wayne, follow the link in the picture below. God Bless.

A second video that Pastor Wayne has put up for viewing this week to close our message is “Because He Lives” by the West Coast Choir. Just click the link below.

Don’t forget to social distance yourself from others at least for the next two weeks to keep yourself safe.

Follow my advice and if you are in Pig Pens space you are too close.


Leave us a comment on things that are on your mind with the form below to let us know what’s on your mind. Let us hear from you while we are apart.

Any questions for Wayne during this time Please use the email ( or facebook page and Wayne will get back to you shortly.

Please be patient and stay at home if you can. If you want to watch the last sermon use this link here. For a list of older sermons available on this website, visit this link.

For information about giving your Tithes and offerings to the church, see the address in this link.

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