Prayer Concerns

Ministerial Concerns

1st Baptist Church Hillsboro and community

Alonzo and Barbara Walton: Missionaries/Atlanta

Carolyn and Ken Vogel: Buchanan, Liberia missionaries- building school

Drama Ministry: New Beginnings Players

Hillsboro High School Bible After School Class

IMB/NAMB Missionaries

Jared and Michelle: South East Asia missionaries

Jefferson Baptist Association

Kurt/Janna Hanover: Thailand missionaries

Matt and Kim Clark: St. Louis refugees-Oasis Intl.

Ministry Growth: Pray for new people and new opportunities

Opportunities for Evangelism in the community

Valparaiso, Chile

Vietnam-Dewey Trong: teaching English


Aaron Messer: health

All Traveling at this time

Alex Madina: Burned – in hospital

Allen Calkins

Alpha: Health

Amanda: personal

Amber Rauscher: has stage 4 Cancer

Annette (Darrel’s friend): Health, Grieving – Mothers passing

Barbara Wright: Health

Bart McKinney: Health

Becka: pelvic cancer

Becky: Health

Bennett: Personal, has PTSD

Ben’s Cousin: Bad car accident

Beth/Berry Yancy: health

Bethany’s Neighbor: personal/family

Betty Martin’s Family and Friends: Grieving

Betty (Pat Blair’s sister): Health

Bill Ellis: Health

Bill Legear: health-recovering- doing well

Bob (John, Wilma, & Chris’s neighbor): heart issues

Bob Wilkerson (Wayne’s coworker): Health

Bonnie and Husband: Looking for new church / doing bible studies

Brad: health

Brenda Stiles: health/personal concerns

Brian: Personal challenges

Budget Concerns

Candice: Concerns- Health

Carol Clift: health

Carolyn: Health

Carson (2yr): Bit by dog – Recovering

Cassie Kirkpatrick and family: Ovarian cancer (Mom), (Cass) Sagging brain syndrome, heart problems, MS (Sister)

Cathy: dementia getting worse

Charlie’s Dad: Health – Prayers needed

Charlie Glass: health, Heart

Charlie Hill’s Dad: Health

Charlie Horn: Health, doing better

Cheri: Heart Surgery

Christian L: personal

Christine Ray: Lupus

Chrystal Hoekel: Health

Coby: Homeless

Conner: Stage 4 Cancer

Connie Browning: health

Daisy Keefe: Very High Functioning Autism

Dakota (Sally Hermann’s Grandson): Health

Dane: health

Daniel Montgomery: Health

Daniel S: Personal/family/School/job

Daniel Walker: cancer in the hip and lungs

Daryl Love: Health

David and Rachel: personal

David English: health

Deb Thomas: Health

Devin: Job

Diane (Heather’s co-worker): Personal

Diane Graham: health

DiAnna Adkins: health, family/personal

DJ’s cousin: Cancer

Dominique: personal

Don Hoekel: health

Don’s wife: health

Donna Horn: Cancer

Doug Porter: Heart attack – recovering at hospital

Doug Rushing: Gallbladder- Surgery March 18th

Drew Williams: 2nd surgery of broken ankle

Dwight: Health

Eric Hanson: heart issues

Eric S: Family

Erin Roberts: Mom – Health, Fell and hurts

Erma (Wayne’s Boss): family

Gemma: Family

Gene Mahurin: dementia

Gennie Sholts: health

Ginny Hart: Health, fell and broke hip

Heather Flora: Personal/Strength/Finance/perseverance, & Job

Hill Family: Father has stage 4 throat cancer

Horn Family: Financial/Work/Stress

Jeanie: health

Jean’s Daughter: Health

Jeff: trampled by bull – in bad shape – now home

Jeff Penny: health

Jeff Self: health

Jennifer Harris: Diabetes

Jerry Harris: heath

Jerry Hurtgen: health, heart failure

Jesse Montgomery: health

Jim Bell: Health

Jim Fears: Stomach Cancer

Jim Kimes (Donna Kimes’ Husband): health

Jim/ Barb Winkleman: health

Joan: Health

Joe’s Wife: Health – Tests – leaking valve

John (Sharon’s Uncle): Health

John (Wayne’s co-worker’s friend): Health

John Lee: health, not doing well

John Maness: leukemia

John Stewart: Bone Cancer

Jordan: health-Shoulder- Infection on back

Jordan’s Uncle: health/Personal

Judy Ashbrook: Health, Surgery

Judy Owen: health

Julia: health

Julie and Shane: Organization in Business Endeavors’

Julie Norris: 2nd Tumor, Surgery needed, tests, Tumor on Thryroid

Karen Boyer: Lung Cancer

Karen Oaks: Brain tumor, not doing well

Karen: Personal

Kathy: heart problems

Keith Williams: health

Kelly Cordell and Family: health

Ken and Cindy Slinger: Health

Ken Vogel: Health

Kevin Sohn: Heart problems

Kim Page and Family

Kizzy Sander: stage 3 breast cancer

Kyle Matthews: Leukemia

Lacey: Health

Larry Brickman and Wife: health, kidneys failing, Cancer(wife)

Laura McAtee: health, Stress/work

Lauren Norris: Health

Leslie: Lung Cancer, doing better

Linda Hurtgen: health

Lisa Hensley: health

Logan: Health

Loraine: health

Martin and Barb: Health

Mary (Julie’s friend): health

Mary McKinny: Health

Matt: Personal/Family

Melba LeGear: Health

Melony Hudson: Ovarian Cancer

Mick: Heart issues, not doing well.

Mikayla: family Concerns

Mike McArthy: ALS – not doing well

Mike: Diabetes, Heart problems

Noah: Personal

Norma: Health

Norman Huskey: health

Open hearts and Ears to the Lord

Pam and Husband: health and having to cope

Pat Blair and daughter: Health – Doing better

Peggy Wittrock: cancer around Heart

Pete Wright: Health

Peter: Homeless, struggling

Piet Norris: Health

Reed Family and friends

Riley: Health

Robyn Barber: health, heart, 2 stints put in, recovering

Roderick: Homeless, personal

Rose’s Father: Heart issues

Russell Norris: Health, Family/work/stress

Ryan’s father: health

Sandra: Health

Sandy’s Family: Passing of Father

Sara Beck: health

Sarah McAtee: stress/School/job, family

Sarah Peel: Personal

Scott: Health

Selena & Kyle Brewer: strength

Sharon Ellis’ Daughter: Health

Sharon Fleming-Robinson: Health, heart problems, biopsy

Sharon’s Mother: Health

Sheila’s Aunt Carmen’s Mom: breast cancer

Stella: health

Steve R: Stage 4 – stopped chemo

Stress/worry that everyone is carrying

Sue Boswell: Health

Susan: Kidney Failure

Tammie Keefe & Family: Health

Tammy Mazdra: Health, broken foot- 80% healed

Ted Cage: health

Terry Glass: health

Thatcher: Cancer- doing better

The Homeless and struggling

Thom’s Cousin-In-Law: Heart Surgery

Thom’s Friend: Heart Problems

Steve’s Family and Friends: Grieving due to his passing

Tim and Carol Tinsley: Health

Tom Slinger: Health, Job

Tommy: Personal

Tony Glass: Stomach issues, headaches

Tony Jones: health

Tracy: colon cancer

Trevor: workplace

Trina: Brain Cancer – bad news from Doc.

Unspoken Prayers

Vicky Martin: Brain Tumor

Wayne Norris and Family: health- eyes

Wayne’s acquaintance: Wife- Heart Failure- not looking good

Wesley: personal

Wilma: health

Xander: Personal/family


All our visiting families/friends.

Becky and Grant Barber: Baby on way


Heather Young:baby on way

New Church attendees: transparency, and vision of our church

Wayne & Julie: House plans approved

Salvation /Decisions

Cassie: Pray as her faith has wanes due to disbelief and hardship

Christopher Mazdra: pray that he can be led to come to church

Don: For us to open up to him and allow him to be led to church

Jeff: pray for Jordan as he witnesses to him, guidance.

Laura: Pray for Gods will for her

Sabrina: pray for DiAnna as she witnesses to her.

Tim and his family: pray for Jaime as she Witnesses to them

Community, Country, and the World

All service personnel and their families for their service

All the people in our community.

Australia: In need of Grain due to fires throughout country

Corona Virus and the people infected by it

Leaders of our Country

People out of work or looking.

Seckman/Hillsboro High School

Shootings in schools and other large populated areas

All over the US

Suicide Watches – The children of our nation/Community

War in the East / Terrorist attacks

Please help in keeping the Prayer and Praise list

up to date by providing updates and informing when anything needs to be removed.



  1. Bill LeGear

    Linda Hurtgen is schedule for an operation at Missouri Baptist sometime in Feb. Might be as an out patient, not sure. Keep Linda in your prayers.

    1. Bill Williams

      Happy new year brother Wayne from Bill Williams


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