Message for April 12, 2020

Pastor Wayne K Norris

As we pause our lives for the Easter Weekend without going to church, it is very important that we keep in touch with God.

To start our service this week, Pastor Wayne has chosen the following video. Click on the picture to listen and watch the Easter Version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

For our Easter message from Pastor Wayne, follow the link below.

This week is special, it is Easter. So we have some special music from a guest Devon Norris. Now all the way from a ship off the coast of Florida, click on his picture below for his special music for this holiday season.

Please be safe and keep your distance from others. Think of it like Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoons, don’t get too close or you may get infected. If you are close enough to get into his cloud of dust, you are too close.


Any questions for Wayne during this time Please use the email ( or facebook page and Wayne will get back to you shortly.

Please be patient and stay at home if you can. If you want to watch the last sermon use this link here. For a list of older sermons available on this website, visit this link.

For information about giving your Tithes and offerings to the church, see the address in this link.

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