Sermon NBBC Jeffco February 20, 2022



Welcome to our service for this week. Our theme for this week is “Dream”. Join us for our live service on Sunday mornings at the Quality Inn, Festus Missouri.

We will open with the music video “Lift My Eyes” by I Am They. Use the following link to watch and listen .

Starting our message will be Pastor Wayne reading the scripture Genesis 37:1-11. This is the story of the dreams of Joseph. He tells his brothers and father about his dreams and nobody likes what they hear.

Follwing the scripture reading Pastor Wayne will give his sermon on “Dream” where he will expand on these scriptures and relate this to every day life today. Use the link below for more information.

Our second and last music video will be “Different” by Micah Tyler. Use the following link to watch and listen.

Thanks for viewing our services this week. Julie played our music this week as we continued our Christmas music season.

Please join us for our services at the Quality Inn next week on February 27th at 11. Join us in our regular room, just look for us we should be easy to find.

Come join us for our Sunday School at 10 next Sunday in the same conference room.

Home Bound and Prayer Concerns

Please Pray for those to school this time of the year. We have several going to College and regular schools. Pray for the Teachers that teach our children to keep them safe.

For those who know someone that is home-bound without the internet, drop us a note as we are putting the weekly services on media that people can play on a computer or DVD player. Let us know your needs and we can get you copies of all of our sermons that are on the web.

For our list of the church’s prayer concerns visit our page with the complete list of people that need our direct prayers. 

For those who still do not yet feel comfortable in crowds, we will continue to post our sermons once a week. For those out of our area like Annette, we will continue to pray for you and give you a sermon every week.

Bible Study

Come join us Wednesday evening Feburay 23rd this week at 7:00 PM, depending on the weather conditions. We continue our Bible Study about Jesus and his teachings in our normal room at the Quality Inn.

Be Safe and contact information

Be safe while you are out and about. Please follow my advice and if you are in Pig Pens space you are too close. We are continuing to the social distance at services, if you feel comfortable come and join us on Sundays and Wednesdays.


Leave us a comment with the form below, let us know what’s on your mind. Let us hear from you while we are apart.

Any questions for Pastor Wayne during this time Please use the email ( or Facebook page and Wayne will get back to you shortly.

Please be patient and stay at home if you can. If you want to watch the last week’s sermon use this link here. For a list of older sermons available on this website, visit this link.

For information about giving your Tithes and offerings to the church, see the address in this link.

Have a great week and God Bless

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