Message for NBBC Jeffco July 19, 2020

sermon 7-19-2020

Welcome to our service for July 19th. This weeks message from Pastor Wayne will be “The Child Within”

We will start with a video from Robin Mark, “The Days of Elijah”

This week’s scriptures come from Matthew 19:13-15. Jesus visits with the children.

Pastor Waynes Message will be on “The Children Within” Please follow the link below to hear it.

Watch John Elefante doing a solo in “Eyes Of My Heart” This video was suggested by Mark.

We welcome all who choose to worship with us live at Quality Inn. We will gather again next week July 26th at the Quality Inn at 11:00 am, Join us for our Sunday School before our service at 10 next week also.

With any luck Julie may join our services next week.

For those who still do not yet feel comfortable in crowds, we will continue to post our sermons once a week. For those out of our area like Annette, we will continue to pray for you and give you a sermon every week.

We will continue our Bible Study of the book of Exodus this Wednesday night July 22th at 7 PM in the same room in the Quality Inn we hold our morning services on Sundays.

Be safe while you are out and about. Please follow my advice and if you are in Pig Pens space you are too close.


Leave us a comment with the form below, let us know what’s on your mind. Let us hear from you while we are apart.

Any questions for Pastor Wayne during this time Please use the email ( or Facebook page and Wayne will get back to you shortly.

Please be patient and stay at home if you can. If you want to watch the last week’s sermon use this link here. For a list of older sermons available on this website, visit this link.

For information about giving your Tithes and offerings to the church, see the address in this link.

Have a great week and God Bless.

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  1. Annette Carroll

    Thankyou again for such a wonderfull service,,,l listened to it a few times,,,as this week has been quite a difficult week,,,your service reminded me how when l was retold my cancer had came back again for a 3rd time ,friends reminded me how much l had always wanted to go to Disneyland,,so we went,,,l was not sure how l would handle it ,,,but as soon as l saw it ,,l felt like a child,,,laughing and rushing to get on all the rides,,l actually forgot l was not well for a short time ,,feeling like a child again was wonderfully.
    Hoping and preying you are all keeping safe and well in all these hard days we are all facing God Bless you all and a special prey for Miss Julie❤❤❤❤


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