DJ goes to Equador on a Mission trip

DJ went to Equador with the First Baptist Church of Festus

Panama from the sky
Panama out the window
DJ with two Church members
Salchi Papa
Mission Team with apartment owner
DJ with mountain man
Dj on a hammock
St. Peter River in Equador
Trout fish farm
Fish farm canal
Fish farm from the top
Water Park
Cowboys on the middle of the street
Lima beans, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes with cheese
DJ with Tristan and translator
Denny with kids from the camp
Rice with Raisins and Chicken with tree tomato sauce
Tree Tomato and Pepper
Potato Farmers
Opium plants
Tristan and Mayra
Mission Team
Cuy-Fried Guinie Pig
DJ and a kid from camp
Dogs on a roof
Rice, Plantains, Lentals and Pork Chop
Kids from a local school
Two dogs sleeping in the street
Trisan giving testimony at camp
Rice in tree tomato sauce, potato's and Pork Chop in Mango sauce
Popcorn in a broth soup
Kids at camp playing basketball
Diablo Uma mask
Two step spider
Recreation of an ancient statue that guards a grave
Recreation of an ancient grave
DJ with a Diablo Uma
DJ on the mountains
Church in the mountains
Lights of Quito
DJ's Bible

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